UKIDSS is a set of five surveys. The 2010 revised final areas and 5-sigma depths are as follows:

1. Large Area Survey (LAS)3792 sq. degs K=18.2extraGalactic
2. Galactic Plane Survey (GPS)1851 sq. degs K=18.6Galactic
3. Galactic Clusters Survey (GCS)1069 sq. degs K=18.6Galactic
4. Deep Extragalactic Survey (DXS)31 sq. degs K=20.8extraGalactic
5. Ultra Deep Survey (UDS)0.77 sq. degs K=22.8extraGalactic

The surveys will use 1000 nights of UKIRT time over 7 years, beginning in April 2005. The pages for each survey provide details of the filters, depths, areas, and targets. Each page summarises the overall 7-year plan as well as the plan for the first 2 years. The 7-year plans may change somewhat as the surveys progress. The 2-year plans have been worked up in detail and are now essentially fixed. The figure below shows the 7-year UKIDSS sky coverage.

Figure 1. Planned final UKIDSS sky coverage. The colour coding is given by the symbols in the table above. Details of the fields are given in the individual survey pages. The dashed line marks the Galactic plane, and the dotted line marks the ecliptic. Note that UKIRT lies at latitude +20o.